Author | Kassi Jackson


Clinical trials in wet AMD: Impact of central subfield thickness, volatility on visual acuity

Dr Justis P. Ehlers dissects the revelations from the data in the Phase 3 Hawk clinical trial regarding the impact of central subfield thickness, volatility and the overall impact on visual acuity.

Post hoc analysis of Copernicus, Galileo trials find time since diagnosis affects BCVA outcomes in CRVO

Dr Dilsher Dhoot discusses the post hoc analysis of the Copernicus and Galileo trials, which investigated if a delay in treatment would affect visual acuity gains or change in anatomy.

Clinical trial offers insight into development of KSI-301

While the DAZZLE trial failed to meet its primary endpoint, KSI-301 demonstrated good initial visual gains and anatomic effects as well as positive durability.

Hypersonic vitrectomy a novel technology for removing vitreous

June 29, 2022

Though the speed of traditional guillotine cutters has increased significantly in recent years, there are certain limitations. With the advent of hypersonic vitrectomy, Dr Sunir J. Garg explains how retinal surgeons can remove the vitreous gel with more efficiency.