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Amblyopia screening with the dynamic random dot stereotest

A new amblyopia screening system that can be used on Android devices has performed better than some of the ‘gold standard’ stereotests in recent Hungarian studies.

Using swept-source OCT and OCT angiography to image choroidal tumours

SS-OCT provides a clear view of the eye’s internal structures and any abnormalities, helping to differentiate benign from malignant lesions.

Monitoring blood reflux during gonioscopy in glaucoma

Gonioscopy may offer a reasonable and cost-effective method to evaluate the function of the trabecular micro-bypass device post-implantation and it could help in adjusting the therapy after the surgery.

WHO initiative builds a coalition for system reforms, COVID-19 recovery in Europe

September 02, 2020

Organisation is kicking off a flagship initiative as it views mental health as a key public health concern in the WHO European region, where more than 110 million people are living with some type of mental health issue.

Femtosecond lasers and phacoemulsification go head to head in French trial

August 26, 2020

With its higher costs, FLACS failed to provide an additional benefit over phacoemulsification for patients or in healthcare settings, despite its advanced capabilities.

Minimising risks during routine ophthalmic examinations in the COVID-19 era

August 24, 2020

Until we have a vaccine and see a reduction of COVID-19 cases down to zero, we must adjust and take every precaution possibly to protect our staff, as well as our patients.

Considering the presence of retinal fluid when treating nAMD patients

August 20, 2020

Recent international ophthalmic congresses have featured advocates for and against the need for complete fluid resolution when treating nAMD, with some ophthalmologists arguing for a zero-tolerance approach to the presence of fluid, and others claiming some residual fluid can be tolerated and may be helpful in some patients.

60 years of laser technology

August 10, 2020

The work of several eminent scientists since the 1900s has paved the way to modern laser technology, and in turn, provided the diverse ophthalmic applications available today.

Small-aperture IOL poised to fill unmet need

August 06, 2020

The one-piece, small-aperture IOL IC-8 was found in a retrospective comparative review of studies to enhance vision at all distances, with improved visual acuities and a broad range of continuous functional vision.