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Spotlight on GA: A bright future with potential treatments

Giving patients access to new treatments and information on changing their lifestyle habits could result in major steps towards minimising or even preventing geographic atrophy.

Cataract predictability: Screen and treat unstable tear film in weeks

Correcting abnormal tear film osmolarity before cataract surgery enables more accurate measurements to be captured, reducing residual refractive error.

Controlling the growing problem of myopia in children

Axial length growth is a sensitive means of assessing myopia progression in children. Drops and special lenses are options for inhibiting excessive axial length growth.

The pathophysiology and pathomorphology of corneal ectasia: Part 4

November 14, 2022

Corneal cross-linking (CXL) is improving all the time, although all protocols retain the basic requirements for oxygen, riboflavin and UV light. Recent developments mean that CXL at the slit lamp is feasible, which will improve access to the procedure.