Cataract & Refractive

Weekly review in ophthalmology: 18 June - 24 June

An end-of-week review of what happened in ophthalmology from 18 June to 24 June.

Surgical options for normalising neuroadaptation

It is important to select good candidates for presbyopia-correcting IOL implantation and frankly discuss postoperative adjustment issues for a successful outcome.

Shedding light on vitreous opacities during cataract surgery

Physicians offer pearls for improving visualisation in eyes using retroillumination techniques.

Advancing IOL technology for treatment of presbyopia

May 21, 2022

Ora's Caitlin Black, senior director and therapeutic area head of medical devices, talks about the next generation of ophthalmic device therapies and diagnostics, clinical trial updates and new innovations that are most exciting for presbyopia treatment.

Testing spectacle lenses for myopia control in relation to changes in axial length

May 04, 2022

Dr Eva Chamorro points out that myopia control spectacle lenses affect the diurnal rhythms in the AL in young adult human and produced a small short-term increase in the AL that varies in intensity and time interval for each of the 3 studied lenses.

Relationship between dry eye disease and high myopia in teenagers investigated in study

May 03, 2022

In a poster presented at the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology’s 2022 annual meeting, Dr Osama Ibrahim Hirayama and colleagues offered results that demonstrating that anisometropia and astigmatic error were greater among the patients with high myopia compared with the other groups. Compared with the subjects with no myopia, those with high myopia reported significantly more dryness, less photophobia, and less pain.