Cataract & Refractive

Considering cataract surgery and reduction of dementia in Europe

The procedure facilitates an independent life, better care and fewer costs.

Case series study: Managing a fungal endophthalmitis outbreak

Prompt intervention may reduce treatment burden and improve the prognosis of fungal endophthalmitis after cataract surgery.

Corneal ECD decrease continues after iris-fixated phakic IOL explantation

Research team suggests careful follow-up is required for possible endothelial injury.

2023: What ophthalmologists in Europe anticipate for the year ahead

December 12, 2022

Members of the Ophthalmology Times Europe® Editorial Advisory Board were asked to predict developments in their ophthalmic specialties and interests for 2023. A focus is our ageing population, while efficiency and productivity are also on their minds. The board members agree that one of the major challenges in the year to come will be the large number of patients awaiting diagnosis and treatment, which is only going to increase with the rising average life expectancy worldwide.