Cataract & Refractive

SMILE procedure offers low enhancement rate after nomogram adjustment

The rates of postoperative myopic progression are the lowest with the SMILE procedure compared with PRK and LASIK, regardless of the degree of myopia.

When to implant phakic IOLs

Phakic IOL implantation offers a number of benefits for patients with myopia who are not candidates for laser vision correction.

Small-aperture IOL yields high satisfaction in retrospective review

The IC-8 IOL uses the small-aperture concept to extend cataract patients’ depth of focus. Patients report high approval and reduced spectacle dependence.

Non-linear aspheric corneal ablation can be used to treat presbyopia

January 18, 2021

Presbyopia can be treated in emmetropic, myopic and hyperopic patients with refractive errors between +5.75 and -9.00 D using corneal non-linear aspheric ablation profiles to increase the depth of field in both eyes, in combination with micro-monovision. Patient satisfaction with this approach is high.

YAG-shots in IOLs: Safe or dangerous?

December 07, 2020

Poorly focused YAG shots lead irrevocably to a permanent defect in the IOL material and thus to possible effects on the quality of vision with straylight or glare. In a recent study, the differing amounts of damage that Nd:YAG causes in a range of hydrophilic and hydrophobic acrylic lens materials was assessed.