Ill-timed corneal crosslinking led to permanent changes in corneal structure in patients with keratoconus

The study evaluates three separate cases, each of which experienced irreversible changes in their corneal structure caused by challenges in getting timely treatment due to various reasons, including insurance, lost to follow up, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cost of treatment discourages adherence for patients with dry eye disease associated with Sjögren’s syndrome

In a paper, investigators identified strategies used by patients to reduce the cost of therapy and its impact on adherence to treatment. Patients may be reluctant to disclose challenges regarding adherence to dry eye disease therapy, as well as fears of worsening quality of life.

Weekly review in ophthalmology: 21 May - 27 May

An end-of-week review of what happened in ophthalmology from 21 May to 27 May.