Investigators report positive visual outcomes one year after monocular implantation of small aperture IOL

Dr Mark H. Blecher dives into his AAO 2022 topic: "One-Year Visual Outcomes Following Monocular Implantation with a Small Aperture IOL."

Retinal detachment rates following acute retinal necrosis are unaffected by early treatment with antivirals, vitrectomy

The results also showed that, compared to use of systemic antivirals alone, treatment with adjunctive intravitreal injections or early pars plana vitrectomy did not affect the time to development of retinal detachments.

Corneal ectasia part 3: OCT epithelial thickness measurements allow monitoring of corneal changes

The epithelium adapts to compensate for changes in the cornea and these changes can be detected with high sensitivity, reducing both false positives and false negatives in the diagnosis of keratoconus.