Hypersonic vitrectomy a novel technology for removing vitreous

Though the speed of traditional guillotine cutters has increased significantly in recent years, there are certain limitations. With the advent of hypersonic vitrectomy, Dr Sunir J. Garg explains how retinal surgeons can remove the vitreous gel with more efficiency.

Significance of the YOSEMITE and RHINE 2-year DMO clinical trial results

In the study, the faricimab molecule, which is a combined anti-Ang2 and anti-VEGF, performed better than the aflibercept drug in many different ways. Rishi P. Singh, MD, FASRS, summarizes some of these key findings.

Self-plugging microneedles may improve drug delivery in the eye

In a recent study, investigators found preclinical evidence that this innovative, biodegradable microneedle, dip-coated with a therapeutic drug for release upon insertion into the eyeball, can also be equipped with a special hydrogel that simultaneously seals off the insertion hole.