Is the robot-assisted procedure the future of MIGS?

Robot-assisted surgical precision offers less than 5-µm precision tremor stabilization, 1 to 10-mN force-sensing smart instrumentation and automated procedure-specific guidance and assistance with analytics.

Higher incidence of new strabismus in paediatric patients following tube shunt surgery

13% of pediatric patients had new-onset strabismus after a tube shunt procedure; in contrast, 0% of adults had new-onset strabismus after tube shunt surgery (at 6 months or at last follow-up).

Weekly review in ophthalmology: 24-30 September

An end-of-week review of what happened in ophthalmology from 24 to 30 September 2022.

Should endocyclophotocoagulation be considered part of MIGS? Mr Ratnarajan delves in

September 27, 2022

Mr Gokulan Ratnarajan recaps his 2022 ESCRS presentation: "A Real World Comparison Of iStent Combined With Phacoemulsification And Endocyclophotocoagulation (Ice2) With Preserflo And Xen-45 Implants In The UK; Short- And Long-Term Outcomes."