Inflammation & Infection

Current approaches to treatment of uveitis with autoimmune disease

Underlying autoimmune disease alters uveitis therapy.

Macrophage-mediated cytokine storm associated with COVID-19 infection in diabetic patients

A team of investigators from the University of Michigan may have unlocked a potential new recipe for counteracting the impact that COVID-19 has on patients with underlying disease processes such as type 2 diabetes.

High incidence of cognitive deficits, brain fog following COVID-19 infection

The investigators reported the following most prominent cognitive deficits: processing speed, executive functioning, and phonemic fluency among others.

Universal masking may lower risk of endophthalmitis after intravitreal anti-VEGF injections

October 10, 2021

During the ASRS Annual Scientific Meeting, Dr Sunir Garg reported that the risk of presumed infectious endophthalmitis following administration of anti-VEGF injections does not increase and universal masking may actually decrease the risk of culture-positive endophthalmitis.

The relationship between MIGS procedures and endophthalmitis

October 10, 2021

At the ASRS 39th Annual Scientific Meeting, Dr Yoshihiro Yonekawa reported that the prevalence of endophthalmitis following MIGS is similar to the prevalence rates of endophthalmitis after other incisional glaucoma surgeries.

Autoimmune uveitis targeted by AAV gene therapy

September 08, 2021

Investigators have found that 1 intravitreal injection of an adeno-associated virus encoding an immunosuppressive transgene, either HLA-G or eqIL-10, reduced the clinical and histologic inflammation in a well-established model of autoimmune uveitis.