Author | David Hutton


Younger patients often require repeat corneal crosslinking, study finds

At the 2022 American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting, Dr Philip Dockery, MPH, presents, "Effectiveness of corneal crosslinking in young patients."

Investigators report positive visual outcomes one year after monocular implantation of small aperture IOL

Dr Mark H. Blecher dives into his AAO 2022 topic: "One-Year Visual Outcomes Following Monocular Implantation with a Small Aperture IOL."

Utilising AAO cornea preferred practice patterns for corneal oedema, opacifications, ectasia and bacterial keratits

David Hutton discusses the AAO 2022 talk, "Corneal Oedema, Opacifications, Ectasia, and Bacterial Keratitis: Diagnosis and Treatment Strategies from the Preferred Practice Pattern Guidelines," with presenter Dr Francis S. Mah.