Managing the iris after trauma

One ophthalmologist provides her pearls for managing cases of prolapsed iris and reconstructing it following trauma.

Posterior corneal elevation: Is there a role for premium IOLs?

It is widely accepted that patient selection is the key to success with premium IOLs. However, with care, premium IOLs can be implemented in challenging cases.

AI enhances customised myopic LASIK with ray tracing optimisation

Customised myopic LASIK using automated ray tracing optimisation has the potential to offer improved and more predictable outcomes, a study shows.

Cyclosporine options for dry eye relief have varying tolerabilities

March 10, 2021

Cyclosporine for dry eye disease appears to be efficacious at all levels and the choice of which formulation to use usually depends on tolerability and affordability. Tolerability hinges primarily on the vehicle, which varies among different products.