Johnson & Johnson Vision to launch ELITA Platform during ESCRS 2023


The new platform incorporates the SILK procedure, allowing surgeons to perform refractive correction on patients with myopia.

A patient undergoes laser eye surgery. Image credit: ©Vadim –

In addition to the launch of the ELITA Platform, over 30 abstracts supported by Johnson & Johnson Vision were accepted for presentation at ESCRS. Image credit: ©Vadim –

Johnson & Johnson Vision will announce the launch of the ELITA Platform during the 41st European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) congress, 8–12 September, 2023. The company described the ELITA Platform as a next-generation laser vision correction solution.1

Using the smooth incision lenticule keratomileusis (SILK) procedure, the ELITA Platform allows surgeons to perform refractive correction on patients with myopia, as well as patients with or without astigmatism. Surgeons are provided with a consistently smooth and easy lenticular removal, which offers exceptional vision correction with next-day results and recovery,2,3,4 Johnson & Johnson Vision said in a press release.

Myopia can be corrected with an often quick and minimally invasive process, thanks to the SILK procedure. Utilising the ELITA Femtosecond Laser, the fine laser pulses to create a small, disc-shaped piece of tissue—called a lenticule—in the cornea after the eye is numbed.1 From there, the lenticule is removed through a microscopic incision and the lenticule removal reshapes the cornea, which corrects the eye to see without flaws.1,2,3

The blending of cutting-edge technologies allows surgeons to effortlessly perform the SILK procedure and precisely yield next-day results for patients.2,3

Johnson & Johnson Vision described additional benefits of the refractive surgery tool, including:

  • Ultra-Precise Pulse: Delivers better quality treatment of corneal tissue.1,2
  • Ultra-Fast Delivery System: Enables contiguous placement of laser pulses for exceptionally smooth tissue surface.1
  • Sub-Micron Digital-Encoder Controlled Scanning System: Allows a high-degree of pulse placement and superior optical performance across the entire treatment area.1,2
  • Industry-first biconvex lenticule: Designed for better quality of vision. Reduces cutting of corneal nerves and provides fast regeneration for a healthy ocular surface.1

"We are delighted to launch our next-generation ELITA Platform at ESCRS this year, as well as showcase our broad range of ophthalmic innovations to our surgical customers," said Jacqueline Henderson, President, EMEA, Johnson & Johnson Vision.

"We have a rich heritage of innovation at Johnson & Johnson Vision, and we're proud to offer surgeons and their patients equipment and IOLs that serve the eye health needs of patients across their lifetime."

In addition to the launch of the ELITA Platform, over 30 abstracts supported by Johnson & Johnson Vision were accepted by ESCRS for presentation.1 During ESCRS, attendees can visit the Johnson & Johnson Vision booth (#B202) for live demonstrations for surgeons to experience the ELITA femtosecond laser firsthand, as well as other leading Johnson & Johnson Vision products. Additionally, attendees will be able to participate in the Toric VR Simulator experience alongside dry labs and meet the expert sessions at the booth and in the Johnson & Johnson Vision Lighthouse.1

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