AAO: Autologous retinal transplant for larger macular holes gaining traction

November 14, 2020

Tamer Mahmoud, MD, PhD, discusses autologous retinal transplant (ART) for macular holes, a procedure he developed, which is providing anatomic hole closure in the vast majority of cases as well as increases in visual acuity.

AAO: A headache with visual loss may require honing of detective skills

November 14, 2020

During AAO 2020, Kathleeen B. Digre, MD, details how a headache in conjunction with visual loss is a scenario that requires an in-depth examination, including evaluation of the visual fields, pupils, and fundus to gather clues to the diagnosis.

AAO: Myopia progression slowed with orthokeratology, multifocal lenses

November 14, 2020

Amy K. Hutchinson, MD, explains that while myopia has been occurring at epidemic rates worldwide, research has found that the use of orthokeratology and multifocal contact lenses can provide clinically meaningful reductions in myopia progression.

AAO: Considerations when using anti-VEGF for treating AMD

November 14, 2020

Prof. Giovanni Staurenghi, chairman of the University Eye Clinic, Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences at the University of Milan’s Luigi Sacco Hospital, Italy, discusses findings from the HARBOR study of macular atrophy in AMD patients treated with ranibizumab.

AAO: Study confirms Phase III results for uveitis treatment

November 14, 2020

Glenn J. Jaffe, MD, presents a summary of the results of a confirmatory study on a previous Phase III trial that examined sustained drug delivery for the treatment of uveitis, as well as data on the 36-month results in the second, confirmatory phase 3 study of YUTIQ.

AAO: Alcon virtual booth spotlights latest studies, retina product offerings

November 14, 2020

Josh Anderson, head of U.S. retina sales and marketing for Alcon, outlines what attendees will learn including product updates, new technologies, and practice management materials for ophthalmologists and their patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

AAO: How not to be afraid of performing a posterior capsulorhexis

November 13, 2020

Prof. Marie-José Tassignon, past chief and chair, Department of Ophthalmology, Antwerp University and University Hospital Antwerp, Belgium, expands on her upcoming AAO presentation by providing an overview of her novel technique in performing a risk-free posterior capsulorhexis.