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How you #LoveYourEyes: clinicians, media, educators weigh in on World Sight Day 2021

On October 14, we celebrate World Sight Day by pledging to receive annual eye exams, preventing or slowing vision loss, and showing love for our eyes.

Chronic non-infectious posterior uveitis: Dissecting real-world registry study of YUTIQ

Dr Ankur Shah discusses key highlights of his presentation titled "YUTIQ CALM: a real-world registry study of the fluocinolone acetonide intravitreal implant 0.18 mg in chronic non-infectious posterior uveitis," during ASRS 2021.

HAWK study: Higher order OCT analysis for inflammatory signal biomarkers

Dr Justis P. Ehlers discusses the findings from a higher-order OCT analysis for inflammatory signal biomarkers in the HAWK Study.