Author | Caroline Richards



Providing optimal care for patients with diabetic eye disease

Prof Tunde Peto discusses her presentation on providing the best virtual care for patients with diabetic eye disease at EURETINA 2021.

Worldwide pathological myopia discussed by panel at EURETINA 2021

Dr Ramin Tadayoni discusses the myopia panel at the EURETINA 2021 virtual meeting.

Role of anterior vitreous, managing retinal folds in retinal detachment cases

Dr Grazia Pertile discusses the highlights of her presentations on the management of retinal folds after retinal detachment and the role of the anterior vitreous as a cause of recurrent retinal detachment.

Considering antibiotics use in postoperative endophthalmitis

June 01, 2021

Whilst endophthalmitis following cataract surgery can lead to serious vision outcomes, there are ways of minimising the risk of it occurring whilst also being mindful of the need to prescribe antibiotics in a way that does not worsen antimicrobial resistance.