Torsional u/s and intelligent phaco software combination beneficial

Dr Lorente compares micro-coaxial cataract extraction with torsional energy and longitudinal u/s.

Currently, I use the Infiniti Vision System (Alcon, Fort Worth, Texas, USA) and I advocate the use of torsional ultrasound (u/s) due to the fact that it eliminates the repulsion associated with the jackhammer effect. This effect can be found with traditional longitudinal u/s optimized energy delivery during cataract surgery.1,2

To examine the benefits of using torsional u/s combined with the new Ozil IP software in cataract extraction I designed a study examining patients with hard grade cataracts. So, considering that torsional u/s performs much better than only longitudinal u/s, the approach was to asses what are the best parameters of this intelligent phaco software.