Toric IOL selection


Dr Kermani discusses recent results of a retrospective analysis of three different lenses and how selection of an appropriate toric IOL can be made according to a patient's reading habits

In his presentation during the Multifocals I session, Dr Kermani revealed the results of a retrospective analysis of operations he and his colleagues (Drs Georg Gerten and Uwe Oberheide) performed on 52 eyes. In total three different IOLs were implanted in the study group who had a mean age of 60 years. The patients spherical aberration ranged from +9 to -13 D and the cylinder aberration was up to -7 D. Follow-up of the patients was performed in a three month interval and in over 90% of the group.

"At the 3-month follow-up, 85% of the patients implanted with the ReSTOR toric IOL gained at least one line or more," said Dr Kermani. The clinicians also found that two-thirds of Groups I and II had a post-op uncorrected near VA of J2 or better, just over half of the ReSTOR group achieved this.

"In an overview of the vector analysis of the total astigmatism, we found that the effective reduction of the total cylinder was from -2.25 D preoperatively to -0.75 D postoperatively," he added.

Additionally, Dr Kermani and colleagues noted that Group I and Group II achieved the best reading abilities while Group III had the best intermediate and distance VA results.

Extremely satisfying surgery

"So, we believe these kinds of surgery are extremely satisfying for the patients because pre-op uncorrected VA in both refractive lens exchange and cataract surgery is usually very poor," said Dr Kermani. "Therefore, the acceptance and efficacy of these IOLs are very high."

He concluded, "The end power of the mIOL determines the outcome with regards to the predominant near, intermediate or distance VA and hence selection can be made with respect to patients' viewing habits."

Special Contributor

Dr Omid Kermani is a consultant at the Augenklinik am Neumarkt, Augenlaserzentrum Köln, Germany, and a member of OTEurope's EAB. He can be reached by Email:

Dr Kermani has indicated no financial interests in the subject matter of this article.

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