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The last few months have been particularly busy ones for me; we've reached April already and I really don't know where the first three months of 2007 have disappeared to. However, one thing that always gets me through particularly busy or stressful times is the great sense of achievement I feel when something is completed and also, a holiday, which I shall be spending this year with my husband in beautiful Italy.

It's easy sometimes to get caught up in everyday life and drift from one day to the next then, before you know it, six months have passed and you don't know where they went. It's good, every now and then, to just take time to sit back and appreciate the things around you and to just slow the pace down a little. This is something I fail to do on many occasions.

As an ophthalmologist, you face many challenges; one of which is to juggle a very busy professional life with a happy family life. I met a wonderful doctor recently who seems to have the balance just right. He spends part of his week as a specialist in a very busy University hospital, he has one day away from work to spend with his children and the latter part of his week is spent in his peaceful hometown as a general ophthalmologist.

Either way, as an ophthalmologist, it is your life's work to improve the lives of others so you should always make sure you take time out for yourself every once in a while.

I am in a very fortunate position in that I get many opportunities to meet people who have a significant impact on people's lives every single day. So it is an honour for me to be play a part, albeit it a very small one, in this profession.

Fedra Pavlou Editor fpavlou@advanstar.com

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