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Rayner Intraocular Lenses has been displaying the RaySert, a small incision IOL injector system. With a 1.8 mm diameter external tip, the system is reported to enable surgeons to insert an IOL through a sub 2.5 mm incision, which leads to enhanced patient comfort and recovery.

Adrian Webber, director of sales and marketing at Rayner, explained the appeal of going smaller: “There are big moves among ophthalmic surgeons to implant lenses through smaller incision sizes to fit with their phaco procedures; it reduces the chances of surgically induced astigmatism.” He said that the company is finding that “the smaller the incision the more preferable it is for many surgeons these days.”

“IOL injections through small incisions need not compromise on lens design,” said Ashok Vyas, MD, who has experienced the system first hand.

Designed for use initially with the company’s C-flex range of IOLs, the system assures ease of use with controlled delivery through a single-handed injection system.

“The RaySert is the same overall design as our regular lens injectors,” said Webber. “It is the same loading procedures so that surgeons who are used to our regular lens injector will find with RaySert it is exactly the same except it is now with a smaller incision size.”

“As an innovator in IOL technology, the introduction of the RaySert small incision injector system is a natural progression in delivering physicians with a new level of control and ease in IOL delivery,” says Donald J. Munro, the company’s chairman and managing director.

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