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A round-up of the latest ophthalmic products

Continuous IOP monitoring

Patients can wear the lens for up to 24 hours and can perform every day activities, including sleeping. An adhesive antennae is worn around the eye and is connected to a portable recording device.

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Dual OVD pack

The Healon cohesive and Healon EndoCoat dispersive OVDs are used in cataract extraction and IOL implantation.

Healon EndoCoat OVD is injected into the eye to protect and coat the eye during surgery, enabling surgical clarity and reducing trauma to the inside layer of the cornea and surrounding tissues. Healon OVD provides high viscosity to maintain space in the posterior chamber of the eye and helps to facilitate IOL implantation after cataract removal.

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Blepharitis treatment range

Featuring a BlephaMask, a reusable eye mask that holds temperature for up to 10 minutes, the kit also features a temperature indicator that informs patients when the mask is the right temperature. With both the BlephaMask and the BlephaCura liposomal suspension the meibomian glands are cleared, debris is removed from the lid margins and bacterial count is reduced.

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