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A round-up of the latest ophthalmic products

MIOL for presbyopia

Oculentis launched the Mplus multifocal IOL for the correction of presbyopia and corneal astigmatism.

The lens, offered at the ESCRS Congress in Milan this year, provides balanced visual acuity at all distances and sharp contrast and colour vision. The multifocal toric IOL is made of HydroSmart acrylic and guarantees the addition of 3 dioptres.

The LENTIS Mplus toric combines a sector-shaped near-vision segment with the toric modification of the Tplus series. This enables individual astigmatism correction, rotational stability and improved image quality.

Ocular surface interferometer

The LipiView, from TearScience, is an ocular surface interferometer used to capture, manipulate, analyse and store detailed digital images of the tear film for the assessment of dry eye in the lipid layer.

LipiView can be used in conjunction with dry eye symptom questionnaires and a Meibomian gland evaluation for overall dry eye assessments.

The device can also be used as an educational tool to assist patients in the understanding of maintaining a healthy tear film and the reasons behind dry eye sydrome.

Nanosecond laser

Schwind introduced the Sirama nansecond laser at this year's ESCRS in Milan. The system, previously known as the SmartTech laser, enables nano-precise cuts and smooth cut surfaces for LASIK flap creation.

Compared to femtosecond lasers, the Sirama laser employs laser-induced lowdensity plasma for the separation of the corneal tissue. Due to the short UV laser light wavelengths the focus is three times finer than a femtosecond laser's infrared pulse.

Flap preparation is more comfortable for the patient because the peak pulse power is 1000 times lower than a femtosecond laser. This means no additional bubbles are created in the surrounding tissue layers.

Vitrectomy lenses with sterilization options

Volk has launched the HRX (High Resolution eXtreme field) vitrectomy lenses with new sterilization options.

The lenses can be used for retinal surgical procedures and include two sterilization and two contact lens options. HRX Vit's super-wide field enables the visualization of retinal pathologies and treatment power of a traditional Mini Quad lens.

The wide view does not reduce image quality, high grade and high refractive index glass. Linear image magnification and clarity is possible with the aspheric lens design. It is available in either steam or gas (ETO) sterilization options.

Cefuroxime preparation for intracameral use

APROKAM, developed by Laboratoires Théa, is a cefuroxime preparation for intracameral use as an antibiotic prophylaxis of postoperative endophthalmitis following cataract surgery.

The powder solution for injection is administered with a 5 mL of sterile sodium chloride 0.9%, meaning dilution and preparation mistakes can easily be avoided. APROKAM is available in single doses or in boxes of ten vials and each vial is labelled to ensure traceability of the product within each patient's file.

This is the first and only intracameral cefuroxime approved as a pharmaceutical product available and indicated as an antibiotic prophylaxis of postop endophthalmitis after cataract surgery.

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