The patient comes first

Ever wondered what it must be like for today's refractive surgeon, having to perform a job to the best of their ability whilst sometimes facing criticism for being "too commercial"? The refractive surgery industry has suffered its fair share of setbacks over recent years and certainly, some clinics have deservedly earned this criticism for not performing the job adequately.

If you treat your patient well and give them the correct support, both before and after surgery, your practice will inevitably gain a good reputation. Suddenly you will find prospective patients arriving at your surgery because their friend or their relative recommended you to them. Not only does this instil patient trust but it will also go towards securing the longevity of your practice. Isn't this how every business wants to operate?

This month I spoke with two inspirational Italian, refractive surgeons who are truly passionate about their trade. Please go to page 19 to find out what Roberto Pinelli and Paolo Fazio had to say about the issues relating to their industry today and how they are making progress towards improving the situation in their wonderful home country of Italy.

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