Ophthalmic viscosurgical device approved for cataract surgery


The Healon Endocoat OVD, developed by Abbott, has been approved for use as a surgical aid in cataract surgery.

The Healon Endocoat OVD, developed by Abbott, has been approved for use as a surgical aid in cataract surgery by the FDA.

The device can be used in cataract extraction and intraocular lens (IOL) implantation. A clear, viscous formula is injected into the patient's eye in order to protect it during surgery. This reduces the risk of trauma occurring to the inside layer of the cornea and surrounding tissues.

Healon EndoCoat's surgical delivery system aims to increase patient safety and easier handling for the surgeon. The device is smaller and provides consistent delivery of the formula into the eye.

Professor Roger F. Steinart, University of California, said, "A dispersive OVD is highly desirable at the beginning of the cataract removal process to help protect the eye from nuclear particles and ultrasonic energy. The Healon EndoCoat OVD is ideal for this protective barrier. It has outstanding clarity and does not require refrigeration, which reduces surgicenter storage costs and improves ease of use compared to a cold syringe."

Jim Mazzo, senior vice president of Abbott Medical Optics, added, "Healon OVDs offer the surgeon the ultimate in control, clarity and ease-of-use during every step of the cataract procedure. The approval of the Healon EndoCoat OVD adds to a reliable portfolio of OVDs that has been known and trusted for more than 25 years and proven safe worldwide."

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