OertliKatalyst introduces vitreoretinal hand instruments


Oertli has introduced OertliKatalyst, a new brand in conjunction with Katalyst.

Oertli has introduced OertliKatalyst, a new brand in conjunction with Katalyst.

OertliKatalyst consists of a new handpiece set, innovative tip geometrics, a choice of material and improved implementation of ergonomic basic principles. The brand has been developed from scratch and has resulted in numerous patent registrations.

Thomas Bosshard, Head of Marketing and Sales at Oertli, said, " We were looking for the right moment to launch and the right moment to bring the right combination of vitreo hand instruments. We looked at things like laser probes and forceps, scissors, polishers and so on. We wanted the right partner at the right moment and the right resources."

The retinal instruments were first launched at this year's ESCRS congress in Milan. CEO of Katalyst, Greg Scheller, commented, "They feature about 15 new tip designs that have not been previously available in the vitreoretinal market. We also have laser probes that have not yet been introduced in the world market. But they have in the US, as well as diamond membrane polishers. We will be introducing a continuous line of products as both companies move forward."

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