A new method for easier enclavation of iris-claw IOLs


The VacuFix technique has been introduced to fix the Artisan and Artiflex IOLs in a fast, precise and reproducible way.

Techniques for iris enclavation


One of the main advantages of the iris-fixated phakic IOL design in the correction of high astigmatic defects is that it should provide excellent rotational stability as a result of the level of fixation achieved, which is not possible using other types of phakic IOLs. I believe that the new VacuFix method will contribute to the expansion of the iris-fixated phakic IOL capabilities by further enhancing stability and reproducibility of lens implantation.

Dr Gonzalo Muñoz, medical director, Refractive Surgery Department, Clínica Oftalmológica Marqués de Sotelo, Valencia, Spain. He can be reached by E-mail: gon.munoz@ono.com

Dr Muñoz indicates no conflict of interest with the subject matter of this article.


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