Innovative laser system

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Schwind product profile.

SCHWIND has announced the addition of the new flagship system to the company's excimer laser portfolio, the SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS.

This innovative laser system operates at a repetition rate of 1050 Hz, which enables an extremely short ablation time of just 1.3 seconds per dioptre (myopia, without astigmatism, 12.5 mm vertex distance and 6 mm optical zone). According to the company, this leads to greater safety and patient comfort.

Additionally, it is reported that this system shortens the length of exposure time for the corneal stroma, minimizing the risk of drying out. Also, the length of time that the patient is required to fixate on the green light is reduced. Further to this, the new system incorporates Intelligent Thermal Effect Control that protects the tissue from thermal damage.

The company states that another innovative feature of AMARIS 1050RS is the active 7 D eye tracking in space and time. This Latency-Free Tracking enables anticipation and pre-compensation of eye movements during the period between acquisition of the eyetracker image and triggering of the subsequent laser pulses - resulting in zero latency and greater safety.

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