Experience with the Artiflex Myopia phakic IOL

A rising number of phakic IOLs are steadily making their way into clinics, with each one offering its own unique property to set it apart from the competition. Documented studies will tout the benefits of each lens and, in many cases, will compare phakic lenses in head-to-head studies. Naturally, all studies are important and the benefits a particular kind of lens affords in a certain type of patient, is absolutely critical if a surgeon is to make an informed decision on his or her choice of lens. However, just as important as the choice of lens, is the surgical technique employed to implant the lens. A good technique will, amongst other things, reduce the incidence of potential complications that could ensue as a result of surgery and it will lead to a faster recovery time.

In a European multicentre study, a team, led by Milan G.J. Izák, MD, PhD of the Eye Clinic F.D. Roosevelt Hospital, Slovak Healthcare University in Banská Bystric, Slovakia, implanted the Artiflex Myopia phakic IOL (Ophtec BV) using an innovative surgical technique. Dr Izák described the technique and reported on the results from the multicentre study as well as on his own two-year experience (2004 to 2006) at last year's AAO congress in Las Vegas.

Figure 1