ESCRS Showcase

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Looking at some of the innovations that will be on show during the exhibition at ESCRS

Software for multi-level glaucoma classification

Oculus has introduced the Glaucoma Staging Program (GSP) for use with the Oculus Easyfield, Centerfield 2 and Twinfield 2 perimeters. The GSP identifies changes in the visual field caused by early-stage glaucoma.

The software enables examination findings to be categorized into multilevel visual field classes: normal, suspect, preperimetric, mild, moderate and severe. The results are based on potential glaucoma security levels and are represented as colour-coded bar charts.


Optimizing fluid flow

The ICL enables a more comfortable and efficient experience for the patient and the surgeon. The myopic and myopic toric version of the ICL feature the new design.

The V4c is available from –.0.5D to –.18.0D in the myopic range and +0.5 cylinderpower to +6.0 for the toric models.

Booth number: B513


Toric IOL

Abbott Medical Optics have recently received the CE Mark for their latest product the TECNIS Toric IOL. It is a wavefront-designed toric aspheric IOL on a onepiece hydrophobic acrylic platform to provide sharper, spectacle independent distance vision.

The product is an addition to the portfolio of premium IOLs that Abbott produces. This includes the 1piece monofocal, multifocal and toric.

The TECNIS Toric IOL is a combination of Abbott's previous IOLs, It reduces spherical aberration and chromatic aberration to almost zero. LEC migration is prevented by a 360° barrier edge/TriFixDesign. Also, TECNIS Toric IOLs are not associated with glistenings.

Booth number: B210


Condensed lenses for vitreoretinal surgery

The positioning of the lens is controlled using a foot-pedal or the lenspositioning unit (LPU) to minimize refocusing between corneal and retinal views. The low profile design of the CLA reduces the working height and is available in a manual configuration or the footpedal version.

The LPU can be fully rotated around the optical axis, allowing more space for surgical procedures. MERLIN is compatible with all surgical microscopes and comes with a choice of three lenses. These include a wideangle lens, a small diameter wideangle lens and a midfield lens with high magnification.

Booth number: B321