Emerging nerve fibre bundles from SD-OCT

The future of glaucoma diagnosis and management

Thus, in a collaborative effort at The University of Iowa (also including glaucoma specialist Dr Young Kwon, retinal specialist and engineer Dr Michael Abràmoff, and engineers Dr Milan Sonka, Dr Kyungmoo Lee and Dr Meindert Niemeijer), we have recently been examining the use of nerve bundle patterns from SD-OCT. As a first step in this direction, we have demonstrated that a colourcoded correlation map resembling expected nerve fibre bundle patterns emerges through a structure–structure correlative analysis of the GCL and RNFL from SDOCT across subjects.1 The work, published in Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science,1 first involves using our three-dimensional image analysis methodology to obtain regional thickness measurements of the GCL in 66 macular locations and regional thickness measurements of the RNFL in 12 peripapillary wedge locations from each subject. Then, the resulting colour-coded correlation map is obtained by colour-coding each macular GCL region with the most correlative peripapillary wedge region.

Using 3D image analysis to obtain regional GCL and RNFL thickness measurements