Coronavirus response: Generations react differently to COVID-19


Peter McDonnell

According to some pundits in the media, the #BoomerRemover phenomenon is a reflection of the younger generation’s resentment of the problems they attribute to us oldsters: environmental damage, global warming, income inequality, nuclear weapons. 

They assert that it is time for us older people to step aside and let the younger generation take over and provide better solutions.

On the other hand, I have personally observed younger people looking out for their older friends and neighbors by delivering food and other necessities or running errands for them while the epidemic runs its course. 

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The demographics of those killed by this pandemic vary distinctly from the 1918-19 so-called “Spanish flu” pandemic that took an estimated 50 million lives and preferentially targeted young individuals (including soldiers, nurses and house officers).

I believe keeping a sense of humor is a good thing, but personally consider it sophomoric behavior to be partying at the beach while using social media cheering on the virus that kills older people. 

But many of us Baby Boomers were not always kind and respectful of our elders when we were young. Isn’t that why they call them college sophomores?

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