ASRS 39th Annual Scientific Meeting: A review of findings reported


A review of studies, presentations and discussions at ASRS 2021 in San Antonio, Texas.

ASRS 39th Annual Scientific Meeting: A review of findings reported

The American Society of Retina Specialists (ASRS) hosted its 39th Annual Scientific Meeting from October 8-12, 2021, at the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort and Spa in San Antonio, Texas.

The 2021 scientific program offered attendees innovations in retina science, clinical practice, and surgery with 148 papers, 165 posters, 46 papers on demand, and 69 films, as well as a wide range of networking opportunities and the chance to exchange ideas and perspectives with peers. Here is a review of the presentations covered by Ophthalmology Times Europe®.


Diabetic Eye Disease

Managing NPDR: The PANORAMA study and variables to watch

Dr W. Lloyd Clark discusses retinal nonperfusion and leakage areas when managing patients with nonproliferative diabetic retinopathy in context of the results of the PANORAMA study.

Dr Caroline Baumal

Dr Caroline Baumal spoke with Sheryl Stevenson about her presentation.

Results from phase 3 YOSEMITE and RHINE trials on faricimab in DMO

Dr Caroline Baumal provides an overview of the efficacy, safety and durability of faricimab in diabetic macular oedema (DMO).

Beyond the VISTA/VIVID studies: Timing DMO resolution with intravitreal aflibercept

Dr Rishi Singh reports on the pooled data from the VISTA and VIVID clinical trials on the use of intravitreal aflibercept injections (IAI) to treat diabetic macular oedema at the ASRS 39th Annual Scientific Meeting.


PDS with ranibizumab in nAMD offers similar results to ranibizumab monthly injections

PDS with ranibizumab in nAMD offers similar results to ranibizumab monthly injections

Dr Arshad Khanani reported at ASRS 2021 that the Port Delivery System with ranibizumab, an investigational product that continuously delivers ranibizumab intravitreally, achieved results similar to those in patients treated with monthly ranibizumab injections for nAMD.

Intravitreal pegcetacoplan proves useful for geographic atrophy: Phase 3 results of OAKS and DERBY studies

At ASRS 2021, Dr David Boyer reported that pegcetacoplan used to treat geographic atrophy and administered in monthly or every-other-month regimens was well tolerated in patients in the phase 3 DERBY and OAKS studies.


HAWK study: Higher order OCT analysis for inflammatory signal biomarkers

Dr Justis P. Ehlers discusses the findings from a higher-order OCT analysis for inflammatory signal biomarkers in the HAWK Study.

Using commercial OCT to track macrophages in the macular circulation

Dr Richard B. Rosen reported that clinical optical coherence tomography (OCT) can image and measure macular surface macrophage cells.

Retina industry insights from Alcon on display at Ophthalmology Innovation Summit

Paul Hallen discusses the Retina Industry Insights panel at the Ophthalmology Innovation Summit in San Antonio, Texas.

Inflammation & Infection

Dr Ankur Shah discusses key highlights of his presentation

Dr Ankur Shah discusses key highlights of his presentation.

Chronic non-infectious posterior uveitis: Dissecting real-world registry study of YUTIQ

Dr Ankur Shah discusses key highlights of his presentation titled "YUTIQ CALM: a real-world registry study of the fluocinolone acetonide intravitreal implant 0.18 mg in chronic non-infectious posterior uveitis," during ASRS 2021.

Universal masking may lower risk of endophthalmitis after intravitreal anti-VEGF injections

During the ASRS Annual Scientific Meeting, Dr Sunir Garg reported that the risk of presumed infectious endophthalmitis following administration of anti-VEGF injections does not increase and universal masking may actually decrease the risk of culture-positive endophthalmitis.

The relationship between MIGS procedures and endophthalmitis

Dr Yoshihiro Yonekawa reported that the prevalence of endophthalmitis following MIGS is similar to the prevalence rates of endophthalmitis after other incisional glaucoma surgeries.

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