Positive interim data in Phase 2 BEHOLD trial investigating UBX1325 in DMO patients

September 10, 2022

12-week interim results of BEHOLD, a proof-of-concept Phase 2a study investigating the candidate UBX1325, provides a positive outlook for a novel senolytic approach for previously-treated patients with diabetic macular oedema.

Fluid monitor utilises AI to identify, localise and quantify retinal fluid

September 07, 2022

Eyecare specialists benefit from being able to monitor their patients long term for optimised and personalised treatment regimens, as well as having access to a more efficient workflow and one which enables them to see more patients.

Multicentre Phase 3 clinical trial using AI in nAMD identifies, measures fluid volumes in real time

September 06, 2022

According to Dr Gregor S. Reiter, the results from the multicentre Phase 3 clinical trial demonstrated that fluid volumes in patients with nAMD can be precisely identified, localised and measured in real-time using artificial intelligence.