Author | Dr David P. Piñero


Digital visual training helps treat disorders associated with close work

Computer software platform provides home vision exercises to overcome asthenopia.

The relationship between myopia and conjunctival-scleral geometry

A recent prospective study analysed the relationship between corneo-scleral geometry and the axial length of the eye to develop preliminary prediction models of the axial length of the eye based on clinical data.

Examining the link between neurodevelopmental disorders and visual problems

Children with certain neurodevelopmental disorders show altered ocular movements and a more reduced amplitude of accommodation, however, vision problems are not always present in these children and so cannot be considered an aetiological factor.

Multifocal lenses for presbyopia in eyes with previous corneal surgery

October 28, 2020

A multifocal corneo-scleral contact lens that can correct presbyopia in irregular corneas has undergone a small pilot study. Complete visual rehabilitation was achieved along with a high degree of patient satisfaction.