Yellow and orange filters provide best photoprotection against UV


Yellow and orange filters have been shown to provide greater photoprotection against UV radiation and even blue light.

Yellow and orange filters have been shown to provide greater photoprotection against UV radiation, and even blue light, according to data from a recent study published in Ophthalmology.

Led by Dr Jose M. Artigas from the Fundación Oftalmológica del Mediterráneo (FOM), Valencia, Spain, the researchers compared the spectral transmission curve of 10 different IOLs with either UV or blue-light filters and analysed their performance with artificial light sources and sunlight.

A PerkinElmer Lambada 800 UV/vis spectrometer was used to measure the spectral transmission curve of the IOLs. The light simulations were achieved using a D65 standard illuminant for natural light and a standard incandescent lamp and fluorescent bulbs for artificial illuminants.

The findings demonstrated that the majority of IOLs worked efficiently in providing good UVC and UVB protection. Both artificial and natural light sources have insignificant emissions under 300 nm.

Based on the results, it was found that the filters that gave the greatest photoprotection from UV radiation are yellow and orange. It was concluded that artificial light had low emission levels in the UV range and illumination levels were very low in comparison to solar light. The yellow and orange IOL filters could be well-suited for patients needing special retinal protection. The filters that almost fully transmit radiation work more efficiently with better photoreception of visible light.

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