WaveLight unveils new generation microkeratome


WaveLight today raised the curtain on its fine-tuned, new generation microkeratome, RONDO.

WaveLight today raised the curtain on its fine-tuned, new generation microkeratome, RONDO.

Although the microkeratome had been previously presented, the final adjustments have now been made to the firm's microkeratome and CEO Max Reindl and Head of the Product Management group, Mario Klafke, took pleasure in unveiling the new device to the ophthalmic community today.

According to Mr Klafke, the majority of product testing was dedicated to patient safety and user-friendliness. As a result, WaveLight now believes it has achieved its goal to develop a state-of-the-art microkeratome that meets high quality standards for results and patient safety.

Some of the features of RONDO include the special blade shooter, which allows easy and safe blade handling, thus preventing contamination and minimising the risk of injuries. Meanwhile, the system's advanced blade positioning capabilities, ensures the blade's position is consistently fixed, resulting in predictable flap thickness, and the three sizes of cutting heads allow surgeons to vary flap thicknesses (100, 130 and 150 µm).

Additional features include the elevated suction ring with active vacuum adjustment, integrated aspiration pump for an aspirating speculum, variable hinge position and size, pre-assembled head for quick application onto the eye and low vacuum (400 to 620 mmHg) to prevent raised intraocular pressure.

RONDO's console, meanwhile, allows surgeons to accurately document every single treatment performed with the device, thus allowing meticulous record keeping and quick data retrieval when necessary.

"Importantly, the flap thickness is stable with RONDO; it has a low standard deviation, which ensures uniformity and precision. It is light, smooth, sterile and sharp, thus yielding a smooth residual stromal bed," said Mr Klafke.

According to the manufacturers, the price of the console and blades makes RONDO comparable, in terms of price, to other currently marketed microkeratomes, however, it believes that the clinical results witnessed so far make RONDO the superior choice of microkeratome.

"Based on the feedback we have received so far, surgeons have been surprised by the constant flap thickness and the quality of the stromal bed achieved with RONDO," enthused Mr Klafke.

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