Rodenstock debuts MyCon corrective spectacle lenses for childhood myopia


The lenses are designed to correct and prevent myopia in children ages 6 to 14.

A young boy wearing glasses sits in the grass, playing on a tablet computer. Image credit: ©gamelover –

Rodenstock announced its new Myopia Control (MyCon) lenses will prevent and correct the condition. Image credit: ©gamelover –

To combat the growing problem of childhood myopia, Rodenstock has announced a new corrective spectacle lens that is intended to counteract the condition's progression. The Rodenstock Group, based in Munich, Germany, announced the new offering and detailed its clinical effectiveness in a press release.1 In the release, Rodenstock said that the Myopia Control (MyCon) lenses are suitable for all short-sighted children between 6 and 14 years old. The corrective spectacle lenses are intended to serve as an alternative to other corrective/preventative treatments on the market, such as eye drops and contact lenses, which can be difficult for children to use consistently and effectively.

“In contrast to normal single vision lenses, the light is scattered through progression control areas that are placed to the side of the lens so that in the periphery the light is refracted to hit in front of the retina,” the company announced.1 “MyCon lenses slow eye elongation and thus myopia progression, while leaving the main vision zones of the lens undisturbed. The focus area in the lens ensures that the child can see sharply wherever they focus their eyes." To emphasize the need for MyCon lenses, the company cited environmental factors, such as increased screen time since the advent of virtual learning, and genetic factors, such as an inherited predisposition for myopia, which have contributed to the condition’s commonality.

In addition, Rodenstock said, the lenses' efficacy was demonstrated in an independent, external clinical study. Over a period of five years, the company said, the research demonstrated "spectacle lenses based on the principles of Rodenstock MyCon can slow down the progression of myopia by up to 40% and are suitable for every child from the first diopter, even preventively."1 By prescribing corrective lenses from an early age, the company said, parents can help children avoid long-term eye health problems associated with myopia.

1. The ideal solution for every myopic child. News release. The Rodenstock Group, June 19, 2023.
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