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A round of the latest products available in the ophthalmology world

Corneal inlay

The AcuFocus KAMRA corneal inlay, currently available in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and South America, is a treatment option for near vision loss. It is designed to focus light rays into the eye, enabling patients to see near and intermediate objects without the need for spectacles.

The inlay creates a small 1.6 mm aperture effect, meaning whilst the eye is able to see near and intermediate objects more easily, distance vision can still be maintained. Similar to photography, the KAMRA corneal inlay controls light transmission so only central rays can reach the retina.

Multifocal toric lens

The AcrySof ReSTOR, from Alcon, is a multifocal toric IOL that is claimed to reduce astigmatism and improve patients' range of vision.

The ReSTOR lens features Stableforce haptics, meaning it stays centred within the capsular bag. It firmly adheres to the anterior and posterior capsule due to the fibronectin material.

Additionally, the lens is designed with negative spherical aberration that counteracts the cornea's normal positive aberration. This means the spherical and total higher order aberrations are reduced and an enhanced visual performance is enabled.

Micro-bypass implant

Glaukos has introducted the iStent, an ab interno microbypass implant for use in microinvasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS).

The customized iStent is approximately 1 mm in length and is designed to optimally fit in Schlemm's canal for maximum retention.

It is made from nonferromagnetic titanium, weighing 6 µg with a snorkel bore diameter of 120 µm. With measurements of 0.5 mm ? 0.25 mm ? 1.0 mm, iStent is reportedly one of the smallest medical devices to be implanted into the human body.

A patent bypass is created through the trabecular meshwork and into the Schlemm's canal meaning physiological outflow is reestablished, reducing the need for therapy or other surgical intervention to lower pressure.

Advanced femtosecond laser

The iFS Advanced Femtosecond Laser, offered by Abbott Medical Optics, can be used to create LASIK flaps and other corneal incisions in the eye.

Unlike traditional handmade incisions, the iFS laser can control parameters such as placement, length, depth and radius of curvature, enabling greater precision and bladeless incisions during surgery.

Surgeons can use the iFS laser to create bow-shaped or curved arcuate incisions for cornear surgery and cataract surgery.

Non-invasive glaucoma procedure

Iridex has launched a non-invasive, in-office glaucoma procedure based on its MicroPulse technology. The glaucoma therapy, known as MicroPulse Laser Trabeculoplasty (MLT), is repeatable and effectively reduces intraocular pressure (IOP).

The company initially introduced MLT in its infrared laser platforms, however, thanks to recent technological advances the procedure is now available on Iridex's green laser system, IQ 532. The company reports that this system can be used for a wide range of conditions including DME, proliferative diabetic retinopathy and retinal tears.

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