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Preservative-free eye drop

Santen is a Japanese R&D focused pharmaceutical company specializing in the development and manufacturing of ophthalmic products.

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Cornea marking for toric IOLs

Tomark enables the practitioner to adjust the angle with an accuracy of 5° permitting exact staining of the calculated cylinder axis. The marking is performed while the patient is in the upright position so that faulty markings as a result of cyclotorsion are prevented. Additionally, the adjustable instrument can either be used on a slit lamp or in combination with a handheld pendulum instrument, both of which guarantee excellent marking conditions.

The procedure takes a few seconds because minimal pressure is required for sufficient staining and as a result of its ease-of-use and reliability, corneal marking may also be performed by assisting personnel.

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Continuous measurement of IOP

Additionally, the Sensor features a telemetric chip and a micro loop antenna for wireless reception of power and return of data. The patient wears the system for 24 hours, assuming normal activities inlcuding sleep, while the flexible adhesive Antenna that is worn around the eye and connected to a portable Recorder through a thin flexible Data cable monitors IOP. All the data from the Recorder is then transferred via Bluetooth wireless connection to the practioner's computer.

Information provided by the Sensimed Triggerfish enables a patient's treatment to be personalized and aids with the diagnosis and management of glaucoma. This system is available in many European countries.

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