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A round-up of the latest ophthalmic products

Reuseable accessories

Available from Geuder is a series of accessories for the Uno Colorline Trocar system, enabling seamless vitrectomy procedures.

Non-mydriatic colour fundus camera

Optovue has developed the iCam, a nonmydriatic compact fundus camera.

iCam enables practitioners to obtain high-quality, easy to use fundus photography of various pathologies. It features joystick control and a user interface that provides image review and EMR communication.

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Blepharitis treatment range

The Blepharitis Relief Kit, available from Altacor, is designed to assist in clearing the meibomian glands and optimizing lid hygiene.

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Local ophthalmic computer network

The Oculus Floating License Key is a local computer network that supports the software of all Oculus devices and allows easy access to patient examination results.

Examination results can be accessed at every workstation connected to the local network, meaning patient consultation is improved and clinic efficiency is increased.

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