Ophthalmologists' priorities are changing

A 2006/2007 survey gauged the opinions and practice styles of 1 093 ophthalmologists in France. Here are the results.

Key Points

I have been assessing the practice styles of French ophthalmologists for the past 10 years now and have witnessed some interesting trends so far.

For example, the number of female ophthalmologists has been growing (43% of survey respondents); so too is regular Internet usage (88% of respondents), the use of medical software (more than 72% of respondents), and the average age of ophthalmologists (more than 91% of survey respondents were older than 45 years).

Here are the results of the 2006/2007 survey that gauged the opinions and practice styles of 1 093 ophthalmologists in France (4 937 survey forms were originally distributed). Please note that respondents were able to supply multiple answers for several of the survey questions (i.e. those that total >100%).

Cataract surgery

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