New frontiers of ophthalmology - Part II

In the second of a two-part article Drs Lombardi and Belilli present the results of a patient suffering with a wet maculopathy affecting both eyes.

In October 2005, further to an examination, she was diagnosed with maculopathy of the left eye and subsequently underwent eight sessions of photodynamic therapy, with the tragic outcome of the vision in her left eye being reduced from 8/10 to finger count at 10 cm.

When Professor Lombardi's team first saw her back on 5th March, 2007 they observed the following clinical picture:

Treatment with autologous stem cells was performed on April 25th 2008. The patient was administered approx. 4 ml of stem cells in one deep retrobulbar injection.


This was followed by a visus improvement of the right eye with a -1.5 -0.5 correction (110°)→ 10/10 and of the left eye with a -1.5 -1.5 correction (170°)→ 1/50 wide.

The Macula-Threshold test is particularly important as regards photosensibility indexes directly related to the "bio-energetic index" of retinal photo-receptors, since it shows two things:

2. when the value was below 28-30, at the level of the visual field, the photo-receptor involved was probably 'Bio-energised' through 'Bio-resonance,' thereby increasing its absolute sensibility levels.


"We are putting all our efforts in this new frontier with pride and satisfaction, as wehave done with other breakthroughs in ophthalmology in the past and we are now starting to reap the fruit of this work.

"Day after day we have been perfecting both the preparatory stage and the stem cell treatment itself. So, we will return to this issue with new articles and updates on ongoing treatments and results."