Laser shows promise in limiting AMD progression

A proprietary retinal laser technology has demonstrated the potential to reverse the accumulation of drusen in patients with high-risk early AMD over a 24-month period.

A proprietary retinal laser technology [Retinal Rejuvenation Technology (2RT), Ellex Medical Lasers Limited] has demonstrated the potential to reverse the accumulation of drusen in patients with high-risk early age-related macular degeneration (AMD) over a 24-month period.

As reported in the FASEB Journal (Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology), 51 patients with intermediate AMD underwent treatment with 2RT in one eye. The drusen area in each eye was graded at baseline, and at 12- and 24-months post-treatment. Changes in drusen area in the treated eye were evaluated against a natural history AMD cohort of similar age range and clinical severity. It was found that 35% to 40% of the eyes treated with 2RT showed a reduction in drusen area at 24 months, compared to 5% to 11% of eyes in the natural history AMD cohort.

In a separate study reported in the same article, investigators evaluated two exenterated human eyes which underwent treatment with 2RT just prior to being removed, and a series of mouse eye models. A number of criteria were assessed, including retinal damage profiles, neuronal effect, and inflammatory response. According to the researchers, this research demonstrated the ability of 2RT to reverse the pathological and molecular profiles of AMD without resulting in retinal damage.

"Our research suggests that nanosecond laser therapy can improve the health of the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE)," said lead researcher Erica L. Fletcher, MScOptom, PhD, associate professor, University of Melbourne, Australia.

"By improving the function of the RPE cells, we may be able to limit the progression of AMD and prevent its advancement to wet AMD. This is the first time we have been able to demonstrate the mechanism of action of 2RT in human retina explants," she added.

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