How to perform the best incision in MICS

Dr Gilles Lesieur asks: Do disposable microincision knives or diamond knives provide patients with the best postoperative visual outcome?

Key Points

Several disposable knives were tested and compared with a diamond knife: 16 Intrepid (Alcon), 20 MicroCut (PhysIOL) and 20 MICS knives (Kai) and the diamond knife was tested 20 times.

The diamond knife considered as a reference showed the highest penetration force (mean 1.347 N) and the lowest resistance to cut (mean 0.775 N).

There was no statistically significant difference between Intrepid (mean 1.350 N) and the diamond knife (p=0.8904).

Among the single-use knives, best cutting (mean friction) was achieved with Kai (0.883 N), followed by Intrepid (0.965 N), and MicroCut (1.137 N).

The differences of each of these knives versus the diamond knife were statistically significant (p<.0001).