ESCRS visual optics e-learning portal re-accredited for CME


The EACCME accreditation is renewed through 2025.

A computer shows a virtual display of an online learning portal. Image credit: ©Deemerwha studio –

The ESCRS online learning portal was re-accredited through 2025. Image credit: ©Deemerwha studio –

The European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) confirmed that one of its online courses has been re-accredited via a brief announcement on Twitter.

The European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME) renewed the ESCRS Visual Optics Suite iLearn portal for CME.1 According to ESCRS, courses covered by the renewed accreditation include Visual Optics suite 1 (Visual Optics), 2 (Visual Function) and 3 (Imaging the Human Eye).

The EACCME accredits e-learning materials for two years at a time. Materials providers must follow rigorous guidelines in order for programmes to be accredited by the EACCME. Once the two-year accreditation period is over, CME providers must re-apply.2 E-learning programmes which receive the sign-off from the EACCME this year will remain accredited until 2025.

Previously, in February, the ESCRS Cataract Portal was reaccredited, extending that programme’s accreditation for two years.3 Topics in the cataract course catalog include Preparing for Surgery and Early Steps, Phacoemulsification and IOLs & Postoperative Refractive Outcome. The ESCRS said the iLearn platform boasts over 30 hours of content, including “surgical videos, diagrams, animations, quizzes and forums.”4


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