ESCRS 2023: Device-centric focus drives a redesign at Geuder


Two members of the team gave a preview of Geuder’s 2024 spotlight products

The latest and greatest devices in ophthalmology were on full display at the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) meeting. The Messe Wien exhibition centre in Vienna, Austria, was filled with eye care experts, some showing off their recent developments, others getting to know the next generation of tools and tech.

At the Geuder booth, we spoke with Tomislav Bucalic, head of marketing, and David Geuder, CIO and executive board member. They told us a recent rebranding continues the company’s mission at ESCRS: putting their showcase devices and instruments first. Watch the video to learn about some of the recent developments that will receive a special spotlight on the new Geuder website.

Editor’s note: This transcript has been lightly edited for clarity.

Tomislav Bucalic: Hello, I'm Tomislav Bucalic. I'm the head of marketing at Geuder.

David Geuder: My name is David Geuder. I'm a member of the board since the beginning of this year. We are celebrating this year our newest device, our [Vivos] phaco machine.

Tomislav Bucalic: Which is a great achievement after 10 or 12 years with the old machine. It's a brand new device with [inaudible] USPs [ultrasonic phaco], an active pump system, which makes sure that you have little anterior chamber depth variation. You have very high vacuum levels, high irrigation and the perfect balance between irrigation and aspiration.

We have a lot of changes. We did a corporate rebranding.

David Geuder: Many, many customers and many people, I imagine...are seeing our new, our new design–our new corporate redesign, and of course, our focus products.

Tomislav Bucalic: We'll be more focused on the products we love. To show, say, our forceps–I think there is only a few, probably only one company in the world, who can produce a 27-gauge cannula with an integrated forceps.

David Geuder: Scroll over the website. They will be surprised with our new design.

Tomislav Bucalic: People know that we offer a wide range of instruments and devices. But there are some specific products which we really love, and which show our passion for ophthalmology.

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