En-face OCT imaging takes shape


Technology appears to be useful, necessary complement to cross-sectional B-scans

Today, OCT devices are widely used in everyday clinical examination - found close to the slit lamp, both in physical location and usefulness in hospitals and offices. Most OCT devices are used to create cross-sectional images that cut through the retina from front to back, providing important information via the detailed images that they create.

En-face OCT technology, available on several OCT systems, is a newer modality that compiles many transversal priority scans to create frontal images that are compatible with conventional fundus images. By scanning the retina and choroid on a coronal plane at 90° from cross-section, en-face OCT technology helps detect retinal and choroidal diseases under a different angle, facilitating new clinical possibilities and providing a useful complement to conventional cross-sectional B-scans.

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Josefina Botta, MD, MSc, at ASCRS 2024
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