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A day in the life

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The clock strikes 8

At 8 o'clock in the morning, while the first patients are patiently in the waiting room, our nurse, Mr Santino, checks the reservations, accepts the patients and begins pupil dilatation.

It is at this time that I arrive at the hospital. I drive to work each day on my BMW motorcycle, irrispective of the climate (although, in this regard, I have to admit that working in Sicily does have its advantages).

I usually arrive at 8.00 am sharp along with Dr Chiara Freno, Dr Rosy Minniti and our Greek resident Dr Christina Ikonomu. Dr Stefania Nasso and Dr Giuseppe Squeri, who have never quite learned the virtue of punctuality, always follow.

After a short briefing about the organisation of the day we begin seeing the patients at high speed.

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