Cornea warming during laser treatment


A small case study looking at cornea temperature rise during laser treatment using a new 'Intelligent Thermal Effect Control'

This is the result of scientific thermodynamic measurements carried out at the Eye Laser Clinic Recklinghausen, Germany (Diego de Ortueta, MD) by the University of Applied Sciences, Aschaffenburg.

Seven myopic eyes were investigated with preoperative spherical equivalent (SEQ) ranging from –2.75 to –9.25 dioptres. The measurements were performed with a high-resolution infrared thermographic camera that recorded thermal images of the eye at a rate of one time per second from a distance of 66 cm. Cornea temperature rise was evaluated within the optical zone as well as in the entire ablation zone.

So what is the method?

"The measurement results give me even more safety for treatment of higher myopes," commented Dr Diego de Ortueta, one of the researchers at the Eye Laser Clinic Recklinghausen. "The high pulse frequency of the Scwhind Amaris allows a very short treatment time without significantly warming the corneal tissue."


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