Aflibercept injection phase II results for ME patients

The VEGF Trap-Eye is well-tolerated in patients suffering from macula oedema.

The VEGF Trap-Eye is well tolerated in patients suffering from macula oedema, according to results of the GALILEO Study presented at the 2012 World Ophthalmology Congress in Abu Dhabi.

VEGF Trap-Eye, a fully human fusion protein, was injected in the eyes of 104 randomized ME patients (Group 1), with 68 ME patients randomized to the control group (Group 2). Group 1 received 2 mg injections of VEGF Trap-Eye four times a week for 24 weeks. Group 2 received sham injections for 52, and switched to active therapy until week 76. After six months all patients in the VEGF group were given PRN for a further six months.

Overall, VEGF Trap-Eye was well-tolerated and successful in treating patients with ME. Group 1 demonstrated a mean gain of 18 letters, compared to a mean gain of 3.3 letters in group 2.

Of the patients administered treatment in group 1, 60.2% gained at least 15 letters from baseline to week 52. This is compared to 32.4% in the control group. Treated patients gained a mean of 16.9 letters of vision compared to an average gain of 3.8 letters in the control group.

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